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Ideal Casement and awning photo

Get the benefit of both exquisite beauty and excellent thermal efficiency from Casement and Awning windows by Bethlehem Windows. Casement windows open outward to 90º and can be hinged from either left or right, Awning windows are hinged from the top. Whichever of these windows you choose, you are sure to enjoy refreshing ventilation when you desire it.

Casements add the comfortable look that feels right at home and also provides provides maximum ventilation at the same time. The stylish beveled sash adds curb appeal while the Truth Encore® folding handle provides a contemporary sleek look that “nests” attractively behind your window treatments.

Every estimate is done by the owner and every installation is overseen

by a family member.

Casement and Awning

You can get awning windows that are appropriate for many styles of homes. If grouped together with other windows, they look intriguing. With awning windows that are hinged at the top, you get the advantage of denying rain water an entry into your home.

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Complete Window Casement and Awnings




  • Depending on height, our exclusive multi-point locking system features 2, 3 or 4 keepers which ensures a weather-tight seal.

  • High-performance E-Gard™ coating on multi-point locks outperform zinc plated hardware and provides a newer look for years to come.

  • Multiple hardware options provide smooth sash operation.

  • Optional nailing fin frame for new construction available.

  • 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5-lite configurations are available.

  • Truth Encore™ folding handle offers a smooth, contemporary look with minimal interference with window treatments.

  • High-performance E-Gard™ coating on hardware outperforms common zinc plated hardware and provides a newer look for years to come.

  • 1, 2, 3, or 4-lite vertical or horizontal configurations are available.

Casement Ideal bottom photo