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HMI doors Door

Count on the professionals at Bethlehem Windows to provide you with doors that meet your specifications. From HMI aluminum storm doors and security storm doors to HMI entryway doors, we have everything that suits your needs. Each door is treated as a custom door, whether it is of a standard size or not.


You can select from a variety of HMI’s entry doors that are designed to the highest standards of energy efficiency, security, and sturdiness without sacrificing its beauty. Whether you want a smooth finish or textured finish for your doors, we can help you get it in the color of your choice.

Bethlehem Windows offers the best in class security storm doors at affordable prices.

Various Styles of Doors to Pick From!

  • HMI’s entry doors - Over 80 available door styles in 5 arch top shapes

  • HMI’s aluminum storm doors - Over 12 available door styles in 5 arch top shapes

  • HMI’s security storm doors - Over 22 available powder coats in 5 arch top shapes

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One-Stop-Shop for Your Entryway Needs

Distinctive shapes and door sizes to select from

We sell, install, and service durable HMI aluminum storm doors that are designed to protect your entry door from external elements. Whether it is a traditional full view storm door or a convenient self-storing storm door, your preference is sure to be met. Choose from traditional clear glass, grooved glass, or cam glass to get the look that fits your style.


Visit our store at 2124 Stefko Blvd. and pick the type of extruded aluminum arch-top doors you want that are pre-formed to fit your door openings.

HMI’s aluminum storm doors to balance function and style

The heavy 16 gauge welded steel door frames give the security you seek and their designs give the beauty you desire. From traditional and modern doors to forged and laser-cut doors, you’ll find a design that is perfect for your home. Black is the standard choice of color, but we give you optional powder coats that match our entry door colors as well.

Your architectural desires are sure to be satisfied by the top-of-the-line HMI entry doors we have in store.


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You don’t have to sacrifice style for security