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double-hung-windows Ultra Tite Double Hung Windows

A leading manufacturer of performing double hung windows, offers premium enhancements along with an array of options to suit any style or home. This window has been upgraded many times to make it become the perfect choice for any remodeling project.


All Ideal windows are made from PVC vinyl frames and sashes. Vinyl is a great insulator, made of strong weather resistant material and virtually maintenance free.

Advanced, triple-fin weather stripping

wraps and seals the sash perimeter providing the window with one of

the lowest air infiltration ratings

in our industry at a .02!

Ultra Tite Superior Vinyl Replacement Series

If you’re looking for energy efficiency and durability, these windows are the obvious choice. They not only offer a traditional look, but also offer an array of options to fit your style and budget.

Experience the difference with Ultra Tite! Call today


Ultratite Double Hung Windows

Duraweld Double Hung Windows

  • Decorative heritage sash profiles look slimmer and provide a traditional “wood window” look.

  • Overlapping interlocking sashes provide maximum view and ensure positive sash-to-sash contact.

  • Balance covers conceal balances and provide interior with a finished look.  

  • Electrostatic painted, extruded aluminum half screen is color matched, locking in a up or down position. Full screen optional.



• Energy-efficient

• Weather-resistant vinyl in PVC frames

• Perfect choice for any remodeling project


Contact Bethlehem Windows for more details.

  • Fusion welded sashes and frame add strength and thermal efficiency.

  • Dual weather-stripping helps reduce air infiltration.

  • Low profile tilt latches are flush mounted allowing you to tilt the sashes in for easy    cleaning within the home.

  • Full interlocking lock and meeting rail provide strength and durability 7/8.” Insulated glass    provides year round comfort.

  • 7/8” Insulated glass provides year round comfort

  • Stepped, sloped sill minimizes air infiltration and ensures quick water drainage.

  • Dual seal, dedicated head jamb features an anti-drift snubber, which “snaps” the top sash    into place.

  • Teflon coated stainless steel constant force balance system allows sashes to be raised and    lowered with ease.  

  • Balance covers conceal balances and provide interior with a finished look.

  • Positive cam action locks increase security. Double locks are standard on all double hung    windows 26” and wider.

  • Extruded aluminum 1/2 screen is color matched. Full screen optional.